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Journey through the Five Elements

Let us take the journey through the five elements. 
The five elements are at the core of everything, and through the journey of purification and refinement, we can balance, purify, and integrate elements in ourselves and our life.
Elements are all around us and in us, and the more aware we become, the easier is to see internal and external disbalances.
Once one or two elements become dominant, we may develop a disease, emotional and/or mental disbalance.
It’s normal if you experience an imbalanced state. Rarely one is born with the perfect combination of all the elements.
It also depends on our environment, weather conditions, the food we eat, and the news we consume.
Learning about the elements will help you to identify the leaking energy portals and how you can bring the missing elements into your life.
We are born for a specific reason and specific trajectory of growth.
Everything is perfect as it is. Once we identify it, we can change it.

I have created an ebook with empowering illustrations from talented Lina, which guides you through the five elements, invites you to recognize elements in you, find your unique balance, and gives you enough practical exercises, so you can connect with your missing elements.


You can download your free copy here.


Diana Poulsen

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