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Success Codes

Success Codes. Secrets To Success You Weren’t Taught In School helps to answer the following question: 


“What really is success?”


To many, it’s defined as having luxury cars, an expensive home and a nice, 6-figure salary. 


To others, it might look like having a laundry list of certifications, awards and letters in front of their name.


This book explores the themes of internal success, authenticity, inner happiness, joy, challenges and embracing our unique nature.


Written by 22 female leaders, visionaries and business owners, including Diana Poulsen, Success Codes redefines success as we know it and offers some inspiring, provoking and moving stories along the way.


If you are a seeker of inspiration, thinking of leaving the corporate world, on a quest to find the meaning of life, a lover of stories or sick of society’s expectations and norms, this book is for you.


Success Codes is now available and all proceeds will be going to the charity “This is My Brave” which has for mission to spread awareness and end the stigma around mental illness through storytelling.


N.B.: To purchase from Scandinavian countries, follow the USA link sent to you per mail.

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