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The Cornerstones of Elevated Business Excellence


At Elate Projects, we hold a profound appreciation for the value of exceptional insight, whether it pertains to individuals, organizational analysis, or business analysis. We engage with individuals, including team members, team leaders, CEOs, investors, project contributors, startup enthusiasts, and organizational partners.


Our Elate Projects team members and consulting partners are distinguished by their possession of a unique and comprehensive 360-degree insight. This extraordinary depth of understanding is the result of a lifetime dedicated to continuous learning, extensive training, personal development, and a deep comprehension of the intricacies of business. We cherish and leverage this remarkable insight as a cornerstone for driving innovation, facilitating growth, and fostering leadership excellence in all our endeavors.


At Elate Projects, we firmly embrace the concept of evolution in both business and human contexts. We recognize that in order to achieve our focal objectives, which encompass employee engagement, talent development, operational efficiency, sustainable growth, enhanced employee satisfaction, exceptional business results, and leadership excellence, evolution is paramount.


In a world marked by constant change, we understand that individuals, leaders, organizations, and businesses must continuously evolve. This evolution entails adapting, innovating, and transforming to remain agile, competitive, and aligned with the dynamic global landscape. At Elate Projects, we champion the journey of evolution as an integral part of achieving enduring success.


At Elate Projects, we believe that leadership is the catalyst for transformative change in our projects, businesses, and organizations. Our approach to leadership commences with self-awareness, a deep exploration of our leadership style, and a profound dive into our personal growth journey. This introspection encompasses recognizing our life experiences, nurturing our mental and emotional well-being, and understanding our unique personality traits. By delving into these inner aspects, we gain invaluable insights into our teams and business relationships. 


We recognize that evolved leaders are essential drivers of change within organizations, businesses, and the global landscape. The journey of transformation begins from within, as we cultivate leadership development initiatives that focus on a clear vision and are also deeply attuned to individualized growth. This internal evolution is the cornerstone of the commitment to fostering leadership excellence, driving positive change, and shaping a brighter future for all.

Expertise and Structure at Elate Projects

At Elate Projects, we operate with a dynamic structure that revolves around two principal consultants specializing in organizational development and business development. Our core team brings years of experience and expertise to every project we undertake. In addition to our in-house experts, we cultivate strategic partnerships with other consultants who complement our skills and enable us to deliver a broader range of services to our valued clients. What sets our consultants apart is not only their professional prowess but also their exceptional capabilities in communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, coaching, and their ability to swiftly gain profound insights into the organizations they collaborate with. This holistic approach ensures that we provide comprehensive solutions that drive positive change and elevate the businesses and organizations we engage with.

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The Founder

Diana Poulsen, the founder of Elate Projects, is a seasoned Organizational Development Consultant and HR Strategist. With over a decade of experience, Diana has held pivotal roles, including Team Leader, Business Developer, and Organizational Consultant, honing her expertise.


Her journey began as a project manager, where she developed a keen insight into the intricacies of leadership and human resources. Over the years, Diana’s passion for personal and professional growth led her to extensive training in coaching, personal development tools, and modalities.


Her dedication to fostering conscious leadership, emotional intelligence, and personal fulfillment has been at the core of her work.


Diana’s approach revolves around the belief in the power of human and business evolution. She seamlessly integrates her career experience with her coaching and teaching endeavors, creating tailored solutions for companies, teams, and leaders.


As the driving force behind Elate Projects, Diana Poulsen is committed to guiding organizations toward excellence, harmonizing compassionate leadership with sustainable practices. Her profound insight and dedication to personal and organizational growth set her apart in the field of conscious leadership and organizational development.