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Diana Poulsen offers 1-1 Inner Union Conscious Leadership Sessions that follow her created a model for the inner union: Servant self, Leading Self, the Feminine and Masculine aspects of Leadership (Shakti leadership) & union with one’s heart center.


These sessions will be different for each leader depending on their previous personal development, and spiritual psychology experience. Usually, these sessions will include Human Design and Enneagram personality analysis, which might follow some further additional tools, as well as touch upon the main challenges, emotional triggers, emotional freedom, connection to a higher purpose, relationship mirrors, internal feminine and masculine aspects and how they are embodied via relationship with their teams, as well as leadership styles.


Diana is certified in Transformational Coaching (ICF accredited), various Embodiment Methods such as Quantum Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness & Breathwork, various subconscious Reprogramming, Ayurveda Psychology, and Akashic Record Consultancy, and trained in Human Design, Enneagram, Spiritual Psychology, Relationship Psychology, as well as business development, Shakti leadership, and conscious leadership tools and techniques. 


Success Codes: Secrets to Success You Were Not Taught at School

“What really is success”? To many, it’s defined as having luxury cars, an expensive home, and a nice, 6-figure salary. To others, it might look like having a laundry list of certifications, awards, and letters in front of their name. 

Yet this book invites a reader to explore what the internal feeling of success and how one can define success free of conditioning. This book explores the themes of internal success, authenticity, inner happiness, joy, challenges, and embracing our unique nature. Written by female leaders, visionaries and business owners, Success Codes redefines success as we know it and offers some inspiring, provoking, and moving stories along the way.

How To Successfully Ride The Emotional Highs & Lows Of Being An Entrepreneur

Being a founder, entrepreneur, or a business owner can have many exciting and thrilling moments. But it is also punctuated with periods of doubt, slump, and anxiety. So how does one successfully and healthily ride the highs and lows of Entrepreneurship? In this series, called “How To Successfully Ride The Emotional Highs & Lows Of Being An Entrepreneur” we are talking to successful entrepreneurs who can share stories from their experience. I had the pleasure of interviewing Diana Poulsen.



Meet Diana Poulsen who has always been very curious about the power of mind and human potential, probably as long as she can remember. With that in mind, Diana explores the ideology with us of what really does make us happy, and why some people live the life of their dreams whilst other are stuck in a vicious cycle of procrastination. 


Diana has relentlessly worked hard to discover how we can all regain our sense of joy, love, presence, aliveness, simple happiness, humor, playfulness, creativity, invention, and all these things we may have lost living in a world that can often feel tense, demanding and limited.


Podcast. 5 Steps to Conscious Leadership

Can everyone become a conscious leader and if yes, what does it take to become one? Listen to this captivating conversation with Diana Poulsen where we come to the conclusion that conscious leadership is not only for progressive corporations and businesses but also for each and every one of us in terms of self-leadership. 


Freedom to Be You: The Path to Inner Union

Free ebook that invites the reader through the process of discovery: remembering his/her inner child, embracing his/her higher purpose, healing old traumas and stories, and embracing his/her own feminine and masculine aspects.

The book is structured in a way that the reader can take his/her time for self-reflection and answer some insightful questions.

book a free clarity call

Diana offers a free 15 min clarity session, so you can find out if you are a good match for working together. You can schedule it below and send us an email: coaching@elate.dk.