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Every business starts with a vision, an idea, a dream, an intention, and a drive to do something different. The same applies to existing organizations. Once we have an intention, an urge, or a need to male, we draw a vision of what we want to see. So, our concept was first born in 2017, and it has developed ever since. The current company structure is reestablished in 2023, however, the services and concept have been developing and serving customers since 2017 under the company name Enspire. We also believe that the previous company was serving as an inspiration for change, and the current company “Elate” elevates its clients to new levels of conscious leadership and organization. Due to the growth of business projects, we established a new company structure in February 2023.


Evolve is a central word in our concept. We believe in the evolution of our planet, humanity, and business structures. There is no growth, no excitement, and no thriving if we stand still. We prefer evolution to mere growth for profit. When a company evolves, it affects its suppliers, customers, and stakeholders, so we evolve as humans. And it starts from a single individual, however, due to the company’s hierarchical structures, leaders have the most responsibility and impact, therefore we have developed a specific conscious leadership coaching model to support leaders in their own evolution as well as a balanced organization model to support organizational change.


Once we have a vision and we feel confident in our own evolution, we are ready to lead a change through the activities of our projects, businesses, and organizations. Conscious leadership requires awareness about ourselves first and foremost, and not a surface-level awareness of our leadership style, but all of it: our childhood traumas, the state of nervous system, our mental, emotional and physical health, our personality (we love a combination of human design + Enneagram), our biggest fears, attachments and trauma driven habitual tendencies. Once we see that in ourselves, we can see it in our teams and our business relationships. Once we balance our internal being and come into the inner union, we can bring organization to the balance.

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The Founder

The founder and visionary behind Elate aps, Diana Poulsen started her career as a project manager and continued to support different organizations in the roles of Team Leader, Business Developer, and Organizational Consultant.

During her career, she understood that training people and teams was her passion and calling in life. She has gone through extensive pieces of training in personal development and spiritual psychology, and started to give workshops and coach people in 2016. Since that time, she has been organizing hundreds of online and in-person events and workshops and supported others in following their vision and flow.

For the last 3 years, she is combining her 10 years of previous career experience with 7 years of teaching and coaching others in supporting companies and teams in organizational change, talent search and conscious leadership coaching. She has developed a balanced organization and conscious leadership coaching model